BBQ Thermometer Gauge
When barbecuing, you need to know you are cooking at the correct temperature. Don't risk serving undercooked or overcooked foods? Replace that worn-out, broken or inaccurate factory thermometer with the Old Smokey cooking chamber thermometers. Depending upon your grill, you may simply replace the original thermometer or if a fit is not easily accomplished, drill a hole in the center of the lid and mount this accurate thermometer.
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Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction
These  are Professional Grill Smoker Temperature Gauge  
They Work on Any Grill or Smoker
Extremely Accurate Readings
2 in face, 2 1/2 stem, Drill a 3/8 hole. comes with  nut & washer for mounting.
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This is a good Temperature Gauge

This is the back of the 2" Temperature Gauge

BBQ Thermometer Gauge - 2 Inch
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This  is for all you serious Bar-b-cuers.  This is a brand new,  in it's original packaging BBQ Smoker Thermometer Temperature Gauge.  This works great on any grill or smoker.  This particular gauge has a 2" dial face with a 2 1/2" stem.  It is stainless steel and very easy to install as you just insert the stem through the hole on your pit or smoker and attach the washer and nut which are included.  If your pit does not have a hole,  you can just simply drill a 3/8" hole and attach the thermometer as previously described.  This is a great thermometer and I can say this as I use this very thermometer on my pit/smoker.  This thermometer ranges from 100 degrees to 475 degrees farenheit in cooking temperature.  You will not be disappointed with this Gauge,   Please feel free to ask any questions concerning this Gauge.