BBQ Smoker Thermometer Grill Temperature Gauge - 3 " Dial-2.5" Stem

This BBQ Grill pit or Barbecue Smoker Thermometer it is great for When You are barbecuing
You need to know you are cooking at the correct temperature on your BBQ  Grill or Smoker
Don't risk cooking BBQ  at the wrong Temperature you need to know the right Temp to make good Barbecue  Replace that worn-out, broken or inaccurate factory BBQ thermometer with A New accurate one. Depending upon your grill,Smoker,Pit you may simply replace the original BBQ thermometer with this one it will screw in some BBQ Cookers.Comes With Mounting Nut The threads on this thermometer are 1/2" NPT  or drill a 7/8" hole and mount this NEW accurate Barbecue thermometer. It has Easy to Read Dial, Brand New, No fog glass, Temperature 100-475 Degrees Fahrenheit, Stainless steel construction, 
Extremely Accurate Reading
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Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction
These  are Commercial Grade BBQ Smoker Thermometer Grill Temperature Gauge 

They Work on Any BBQ Grill or Smoker

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Brand BBQ Pro Thermometer
Model PRO-3-2.5-100-475-RWB-BBQ-Thermometer
Condition NEW
Size 3" Dial 2.5" Stem
Color Red-White-Blue
Material Stainless Steel

Price Each:   $21.89

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Model  BBQ-RWB-300-2.5

this is a 3" BBQ Smoker Thermometer Grill Temperature Gauge

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This  is for all you serious Barbecue Chef.  This is a brand new, BBQ Smoker Thermometer Grill Temp Gauge.  This works great on any BBQ grill or smoker.  This particular BBQ Thermometer has a 3" dial face with a 2 1/2" stem.  It is stainless steel and very easy to install as you just insert the stem through the hole on your pit or smoker and attach the washer and nut which are included.  If your pit does not have a hole,  you can just simply drill a 7/8" hole and attach the BBQ thermometer as previously described.  This is a great thermometer and I can say this as I use this  thermometer on one of my Smokers.  This BBQ thermometer ranges from 100 degrees to 475 degrees fahrenheit in cooking temperature. Please feel free to ask any questions concerning this Gauge.  this is the back of thr 3" BBQ ThermometerTemperature Gauge
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