Gas Barbecue Grills Smokers Pellet Cookers 

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36" gas bbq Grill
36" Gas Grill / Smoker Fire Box
Price $1,297.00

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Extra Tray $45.00
Custom Cover $70.00
option for natural gas $50.00
Gas Barbecue Grills
The Gas grill provides a backyard chef with a well built, heavy duty, gas cooker. This cooker features the ease of gas to either grill or smoke. It has a combination wood box/water jacket that reduces flare ups, burns wood for smoking, and provides humidity for moister meat. The burner is made from stainless steel and has a 10 year warranty. For grilling, simply increase the temperature to 325 degrees for chicken and 450 degrees for beef. For smoking simply add your favorite wood chunks, let it smolder in the wood pan and decrease the temperature to 230 degrees.This also has a wood box like the one on our combo units.The combination cooker provides a chef the opportunity to grill with direct heat or smoke with indirect heat. The cooking chamber has a separate fire box with an adjustable air intake to control the cooking temperature for smoking. A water jacket is located above the firebox that forms steam to keep meat moist. This cooker works great for all situations. The cooking area is 36" x 17". An extra cooking tray can be added to double the meat capacity. This cooker comes already built with a thermometer and gas container. An option for natural gas is available.The fire box can hold wood up to 15" long.

 Key Benefits

612 Square Inches of Grilling Surface

Wood Chip Box also acts as a smoke deflector


This is the 36" Gas BBQ Grill Smoker Combo

Gas regulator & Gauge  the bucket is for Grease

Large Counters to work on

This is where you put the water  for Fire Box

Adjustable Cooking Grate 2 highs it is 36 x 17

This is the lower grill  position

When you are cooking the Greats goes off the sides

This is Wood in Chip Pan  & Water Tank

The Gas Burner is Stainless Steel Granted For 10 Years

the tray pulls out the end to put Water & Wood in Pan

This is Optional Charcoal Tray $100.00 Extra dose not come with Cooker

You can put charcoal on this Grate for Grilling
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Gas Barbecue Grills Smokers Pellet Cookers
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