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This is the front of The Hafe K
The Party Grill / Smoker

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Outdoor Cookers
The 1/2 K Combination This is the front side This is the front side
 The 1/2 K cooker provides a chef the opportunity to grill with direct heat or smoke with indirect heat. The cooking chamber has a separate fire box with an adjustable air intake to control the cooking temperature for smoking. A water jacket is located above the firebox that forms steam to keep meat moist. The 1/2 K provides the "S" pattern of smoke by positioning the clean out shovel in the middle of the grill. Direct heat can be used for grilling steaks or burgers. The 1/2 K is very versatile for competition or commercial cooking. A cook can smoke or grill. The 1/2 K has one 32" x 36" cooking chamber, is 10' long, 5' tall, 4' wide, and 12 " tires, 10 gallon water jacket, fire box,  We have a gas burner that fits in the fire box with a smaller wood grate. you can use both gas & wood for flavor, it is easy to put in or take out, fold down table, and tail lights.

 Key Benefits

The heavy-duty  steel will provide unsurpassed strength and durability to last a lifetime.
The unit is fabricated from 12 gauge metal,

Over 1,150 square inches of cooking area

Handy fold down table

Road Ready

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24" Gas BBQ Grill / Smoker
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 This is cooking grates on the left is a half grate the full grate is below it

 this is the full grate at the lower grilling

 This is the full grate at top grilling

This is the back of The Hafe K

 This is the back side Tire comes with it

 this is the wood box for STUFF

 Fire door on back side

 the tray and grate pulls out to dump ashes

Damper closed control temp

Damper open control temp

 This is where you put the water in the 10 Galleon water tank for steam

 This is the drain for the tank

 This is a damper it is open now you can close it down to control the heat

 this is where you can load or reload charcoal /wood chunks for grilling you do not need to unload the grill to reload the fire

the rods that are pulled out are connected to the grill clean out

 this door lifts to let air in for grilling and to drag the ashes out when your don

Main damper for smoking open

Main damper for smoking closed

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Outdoor Cooker BBQ Smokers Barbecue Cookers
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