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Commercial Smoker XX
Commercial XX  Rotisserie Pit
(Rotisserie Smoker)


Commercial Rotisserie Smoker XX
The  2 smoking/cooking chamber is 42" x 48" x 48" and contains six trays. Each tray will hold approximately five 15 pound turkeys. Seven to nine sides of ribs (3 1/2 downs) can be placed on each tray by using rib racks. A tray will hold five to six trimmed briskets; the amount of trimmed brisket can almost be tripled with rib racks. Whole hogs, dressed (up to 70 pounds) and trussed can be placed on each tray. Trays 10 1/2" x 44" create a total tray surface of 2,772 square inches. By adding rib racks tray surface is 7,282 square inches. The firebox area is 24" x 16" x 16", with hot air chamber inserts on each side. The firebox will hold split wood up to 24 inches in length. The oven is 9" x 18" x 42", and has a safety latch on the door. The top of the oven serves as a warming area for sauces and marinades. The available warming surface is 24" x 42". There is a work table, 30" x 42", twelve inches above the warming surface, that includes a handle for moving the unit when it is off the towing tongue and on the caster wheel. This smoker, built on a trailer axle, with springs and tires, towing tongue and caster wheel, is road ready. Weight of this unit is 1,875 pounds.

* 12 trays
* 2 Work Tables
* Built on a trailer axle with 2" Ball

Warming Oven  $556.00

Rib Rack


Extea Tray
2 Shelvs
Extea Tray 44 x 10 $55.00

Gas Burner


Front of Commercial Smoker XX back of Commercial Smoker XX
Other side of Commercial Smoker XX lights of Commercial Smoker XX

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Road Ready - 12 Rotating Trays, Center Firebox, Water Jacket, Wood Basket, Center Work Tables & Shelves, 2 Fold Down Side Tables, Spare Tire & Mount, Tail Lights.

 Key Benefits
The heavy-duty  steel will provide unsurpassed strength and durability to last a lifetime.
The unit is fabricated from 12 and 14 gage metal,

12 Rotating Trays

Center Firebox

2 Fold Down Side Tables


BBQ Grill Thermometer
Temperature Gage

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